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Re-align & Re-charge immersion

Are you feeling tired, tense, in need of some R&R? You are not alone!


We're all walking around with habitual patterns in our body-mind that create patterns of chronic tension, stress and strain that can give us discomfort and pain. This tension becomes 'normal' to the nervous system and suddenly we can’t ‘remember’ how to sort that out.

In this session we use the practices of Somatic Exercise, Yoga and Pilates to remember these connections. Using gentle, mindful movement, we ease out muscle tension, re-connecting and re-aligning ourselves. Once we’ve ironed out some of the tension, we then explore restorative yoga postures that gently encourage the body to fully rest and remember what it is to truly relax. The session is gentle, entirely floor-based and the restorative postures supported by bolsters, blocks and blankets.

Beyond the physical benefits of this practice, it is also designed to get us out of the constant sense of 'go' and ‘do’ and ‘achieve’ and ‘push’ we have in our ordinary lives. Instead of striving, we get curious. Instead of pushing, we exploreself-compassion and kindness.

This is two and a half hours of kindness towards yourself. Two and a half hours for you!

*Please note that 24 hours notice of cancellations is required, otherwise a 50% cancellation fee may be charged*

All sessions 2.5 hours, $50 investment.